Gold Standard Cat Friendly Clinic

Cat Friendly Clinic Gold Award 2022

Gold Standard Cat Friendly Clinic

Cat Friendly Clinic Gold Award 2022
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Top Rated Veterinary & Animal Clinic in Melaka

We know pets are part of the family. That’s why when you walk through our door, we will only provide you with two things – attentive pet care & personalized advice. Because that’s what all the pet owners like you truly need to keep your furkids live a longer, healthier and happier life!

Trusted since 2013, Kim Veterinary Clinic & Surgery is a full-service animal hospital in Melaka, providing top-rated healthcare services for pets of all ages, conditions and kinds – like cats, dogs, birds, as well as other exotics, in a stress-free environment.

Being the veterinarians who are on a mission to strengthen the human-animal bond through better pet care, we always go the extra mile to ensure all your pet’s health needs can be met under one roof at KimVets.

Our in-house vet lab is fully outfitted with the most advanced tools and equipment, ranging from digital X-ray, ultrasound, urinalysis to bloodwork – allowing us to accurately diagnose your pet’s symptoms and begin treatment earlier.

Our dedicated team of highly trained and certified veterinarians who, as an avid animal lover, are with over 50 years combined experience and advanced qualifications in areas such as Dermatology, Exotic, Echocardiology, Herbology, TCM, Acupuncture, Emergency Care, and Surgery. This is all adds up to you having access to the best veterinary knowledge and expertise right in the heart of the city.

To provide a better veterinary experience, specially for our feline (cat) patients, we even have separated cat and dog waiting rooms, hospitalization areas, wards, as well as ICU facilities to create a completely stress-free space for your cats. With all these details taken care of with hearts, making us the first cat-friendly clinic in Melaka.

For more than 20 years, pet owners in the local community have come to rely us on providing personalized and compassionate care for their pets.

Hence, whether you are bringing your pet in for the first time or have relied on our veterinarians for years, we will treat your furkids as if they were our own – providing you with total peace of mind knowing that they are in the best hands with Melaka’s most trusted animal clinic.
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High Quality Veterinary Care
for All Animals

Early detection saves life. At KimVets, we offer a complete range of high-class preventative, emergency and specialty pet care services – to ensure all your pet’s needs are covered as they age!

  • Skin Treatment
  • Vaccination
  • Dental Care
  • X-Rays
  • Exotics
  • Surgery
  • Herbalogy & TCM
  • Ultrasonography
  • Cardiology
  • Tick & Flea Prevention
  • Acupuncture
  • Pet Hospitalization

Schedule an appointment with us today. We are open everyday, including Saturday and Sunday, and welcome walk-ins and referrals.

At KimVets, we are committed to providing you and your pet with the highest quality care. Our veterinarians will follow your pet through the many phases of their lives, we seek to prevent and detect problems before they arise.

With the latest laboratory tools and machines available at our vet clinic, we are able to perform a comprehensive examination of your pet – from nose to tail (such as bloodwork or parasite tests), get quick results about your pet’s overall health, detect problems and provide immediate preventive treatments specifically tailored for the unique needs of your pet before they become serious – ensuring your furry love ones retain the bounce in their every step!

In addition, our pharmacy is well-stocked with a range of medications, providing us with quick access to any medications your pet may need while in our care.

We know your pet is important to you. To ensure your pets are receiving the highest standard of care, all vets, nurses and support staff at KimVets have also continue to undertake further education and ongoing labwork training on a regular basis.

Our team comes with top qualifications and specializations in many fields of veterinary medicine such as Dermatology, Exotics, Echocardiology, Herbalogy, Emergency Care, and many others. We care for your pet as our own and will work together with you – by providing detailed explanation and individualized recommendations, to help support all of your pet’s wellness needs.

Hence, when you entrust your furry companions to us, rest assured that they will only get the right treatment and attention from the team at KimVets.
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First Gold-Level Cat Friendly Clinic in Melaka, Malaysia

KimVets is proud to be Melaka's first Cat Friendly Clinic achieving a Gold Standard accreditation from ISFM.

For years, pet owners trust us to look after the needs of their beloved companions. Explore why below, and we believe these are what you've been looking for as a true pet lover – the best care for your best 'kids'.

Our vets have over 50 years of veterinary experience combined. They have treated thousands of animals for a variety of problems, and are constantly updating their skills with continuous education and the latest innovations.
At KimVets, we take cat care to the next level. We have exclusive cat only quiet wards and waiting rooms to create a completely stress-free environment for your cats – making our feline patients feel right at home whenever they visit our clinic.
Our staff has even undergone extra training in feline behavior so we can better assess their stress level and address it quickly with no fuss.
We listen more than we talk. Instead of just treating symptoms or giving you the last (and worst) treatment option right from the start, we take time to listen and work together with you to detect any sudden changes in your pet's routine.
From as small as weight loss to as big as physical discomfort, our vets will explain to you in detail all the possible causes of the illness, and walk you through the treatment options – ensuring you’ll be fully supported with sound advice and professional recommendations to make the best and most informed ongoing health care decisions for your furry loved one.
Because we know your pet is precious, to you and to us, and we will never give up on saving them till they have a second chance!
At KimVets, we always keep a record of your pet’s health at every visit – such as regular weigh-ins, behavioral shifts and medicines administered.
Because with your pet’s medical records at hand, we can give you and your pet the right and most personalized help as needed. Our vets will also take extra time to get to know your pet and you on a more personal level, and are always keen to listen to your concerns, thus – creating a tailor-made treatment for your pet’s specific condition.
Additionally, our nurses and support staff will always be ready by your side as well during consultations, in case you need a more detailed explanation (or translation) on specific medical terms.
You are not forgotten after your visit. Whether it be follow-up phone support, vaccination or important health care reminders, we are here to guide you every step of the way.
With our cutting-edge in-house vet lab, our veterinarians are able to conduct testing like X-ray, ultrasound, urinalysis and bloodwork rapidly to accurately diagnose your pet's medical conditions and customize treatment plans to your pet's needs.
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